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We Learn About Others and Maybe Ourselves When We Learn About the Many Ways to Experience Life


The appeal of storytelling is how it authentically shows your high moral standards in facing all of life's events. Primary source documents, testimonies from reliable sources, footage in the field will give layers of integrity

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No matter how vivid, no matter how seemingly impactful, a vision must be understood to be useful. Guided by a mission statement, goal and objectives, key words are identified in the discussion

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No one else has your set of talents, skills, or brilliance nor experiences life in the same way as you. Using film from the discussion that showcases personality and charm will ensure a personal experience for your audience

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Our mission at K Mitchell Media is to raise consciousness through the art of cinematic storytelling.  We approach our work through identifying an overarching goal for the film. Once this direction is established the message is clarified through a survey and consultation. These brief and easy steps are used in identifying the virtue, vision, and voice of each client. This is a design sequence necessary to effectively communicate our client’s purpose and intent made in the film.

We do not interview; instead, we have a conversation.  People are sufficiently fascinating to negate scripts and tele-prompters.  Added to the film are primary source documents, images, and symbolic language to create subtext and meaning to support the film’s vision and voice.

An added element to our storytelling is intuitiveness, which allows for the effortless evolution of a story – “the organic thread” that aligns with the client’s vision for the film.  

Upon establishing a professional relationship with the consultation and survey, clients are asked to identify 3 to 5 key words that will support the direction of the film and focus the search engine optimization for the film.  Note: our work is to reveal the natural story that occurs within the stated parameters.  You can find more information about work with Kathryn watching the client testimonials here.

Meet Kathryn

K Mitchell Media's story telling is comprised of Kathryn Mitchell's producing and Jim Hesterman's cinematography.

Kathryn Mitchell
Creative Director/Producer

Kathryn Mitchell, owner of and Creative Director of K Mitchell Media, approaches her career with enthusiasm and versatility. Her resourcefulness and determination have led her to a variety of professional and advocacy opportunities. She has designed promotional materials, created and maintained multiple social media communications, and both produced and stared in educational and narrative documentaries.

Her credentials include:
  • 25-year veteran in education and advocacy
  • 30 plus years of volunteer work
  • Lifetime storyteller and performance experience

Living in Dublin, Ireland and Cuernavaca, Mexico have enriched Kathryn’s talent for storytelling. Her 25 plus years in the classroom have honed her empathy, sense of humor, and timing.

You Control The Narritive, Time to Tell Your Story